DWBP15: On OAuth 2.0

March 30th, 2010  |  Published in Podcasts  |  1 Comment

Work on OAuth2.0 has just begun and we invited David Recordon, one of the participants in the effort, to chat with us about where he sees the effort going.

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  • David Recordon
    • works at Facebook for 6 months
    • on open standards and open source
  • Introduction of OAuth
    • valet key on the web
    • more granular access
    • Example: Twitter
  • How do we make it really easy to develop for it for a wide audience
  • OAuth 1.0 about 3 years ago
  • On OAuth WRAP and OAuth 2.0:Original public WRAP spec from Nov 2009
    OAuth WRAP Internet-Draft from Jan 2010
  • a collaboration started between MSFT, Yahoo and Google
  • similar problem. then called WRAP, then renamed to OAuth WRAP because it’s similar but simpler
  • WRAP relies on SSL, OAuth 1.0 doesn’t require it
  • 3 years ago SSL seemed a bit crazy, now it’s better supported
  • OAuth 1.0 relies on signatures
  • signatures are hard to think about for normal developers
  • SSL is widely deployed. Can we replace Signatures with SSL?
  • this was last fall
  • only public prototype of WRAP was shipped on friendfeed last fall (after IIW)
  • How do we go and combine OAuth 1.0 and the new ideas of WRAP? => OAuth 2.0
  • really easy for developers to implement
  • What are profiles?
  • WRAP introduced different authentication flows
  • Is this easier to implement? What do I need to implement then?
    • the idea is that you have a lot of components which are mixed together
    • not sure if this will be the end result in OAuth 2.0
    • you have to implement at least one of them.
  • Does a negotiation take place?
    • No, it’s simpler than that
    • The client application already knows it’s context
    • based on that you pick the profile
  • What about dynamic discovery?
    • That’s out of scope for now, might be built in the future.
    • might be done in the future
  • client side needs to be as flexible as possible
  • UMA work is interested in utilizing OAuth
  • Profiles are designed to be independant of each other (web appl, mobile app, TV, …)
  • Is profile the right word? Maybe client binding
  • How do OpenID and OAuth2.0 are related?
  • OAuth has no dynamic discovery yet
  • from a philosophical perspective they feel complementary
  • How does FB Connect relate to it?
  • We pretty clearly see OAuth as the direction we want to move to
  • depends on final version etc. of course
  • about 3 weeks ago he sent an outline
  • a week ago he published a draft specification
  • Book
    • working on it the past year on OpenID
    • developer best practices
    • hard to write a book which is not too soon out of date
  • Not sure if WebFinger is easy enough. Too many specifications to read


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