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DWBP17: The Portability Policy

June 2nd, 2010  |  Published in Podcasts

Please note: The Portability Policy is only in beta right now and will be formally published on June 15.

In this episode Elias, Steve and Christian meet to discuss the StartupBus project, the recent Facebook discussion and how a Portability Policy might help the world!

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Steve Greenberg, Inc., blog, twitter

Elias Bizannes, Inc., Chair of the DataPortability Project Steering Group (blog, twitter)

Christian Scholz, COM.lounge GmbH (blog, twitter)


The StartupBus

  • What was the StartupBus (
  • How is it related to DataPortability?
  • Any learnings from doing it?
  • When will the next one happen? What will be different?
  • What does it mean if we can create new technology during the bus ride?
  • What about different speeds of invention and regulation?

Facebook and Privacy

  • What is a social contract?
  • Is everything good now?
  • Is it really a problem what Facebook is doing?
  • Is it realistic that people will change their way of using Facebook? Looks more
    as if they are calling for regulation (FB as a utility service)
  • What’s easier for govt: Regulating services or educating citizens. And how does
    both work in a connected world with different cultures and governments?
  • What is Facebook’s take on Data Portability?

The Portability Policy

  • What is the Portability Policy?
  • Why do we need it?
  • How would an example look like?
  • How do you create a PortabilityPolicy for your site?
  • Will there be icons? 🙂
  • Does this guarantee interoperability?
  • What are the expectations in getting adoption? Are there talks happening